The Best Reels 2021 | Sea Fishing On A Budget

Best Lightweight Reel

Shakespeare Alpha Reel - £15.99


✅ Lightweight- 261 Grams

✅ Smooth Bearings

✅ Ideal For Beginners

❌ Dull Design

The Shakespeare Alpha Reel is lightweight, has smooth running bearings, is sensitive, has nice drag and rotational balance, which makes it an ideal reel for anglers looking for a budget lightweight reel. The design is dull, but if a budget, lightweight reel is what you are looking for then this it the reel for you!



Best Starter/Beginner Reel

Vigor Silk Line 70FD Fixed Spool Reel - £12.99


✅ Great For Beginners

✅ Excellent Value For Money

✅ Robust

❌ Relatively Cheap Looking


The Vigor Silk Line 70FD wins the best beginner sea fishing reel and for good reason, it's great value, very smooth and robust. However, the reel is slightly let down by its plastic looking design, but we can certainly look past this as you can pick up the reel for just £12.99!


Most Durable Reel 

Lineaeffe Vigor Power 7000 Reel - £16.49



✅ Durable Metal Handle

✅ Computer Balanced Rotor

✅ Reinforced Graphite Body

❌ On The Heavy Side


The Lineaeffe Vigor Power 7000 Reel is the most durable reel on our list, judging by its reinforced graphite body and strong metal handle it definitely appears as though Lineaeffe were aiming this at the less delicate fishermen/women. The reel is rather large and has a plain design, but less about looks and more about strength...If you find yourself breaking a lot of reels then this reel by Lineaeffe is perfect for you!



Best Reel For Bigger Catches 

Lineaeffe JD 300 Trolling Multiplier Reel - £26.70


✅ Great Price

✅ Includes Spooled 50lb Line

✅ Introduction to Multiplier Reels

❌ Requires More Maintenance


The Lineaeffe JD 300 Trolling Multiplier Reel is designed for catching larger fish. This reel comes ready spooled with a 50lb line, so Lineaeffe definitely intended for it to be used for battling big fish. Multiplier reels can require a little more maintenance than other reels, but at only £26.70 this is a great reel to learn on!



Best All-Round Budget Reel 

Lineaeffe Ocean Master 70 - £17.95


✅ Includes Spare Spool

✅ Durable 

✅ Looks Great

✅ Comes With 20lb Spooled Line

❌ Relatively Large Reel


The Lineaeffe Ocean Master 70 is the best all-round budget reel and it certainly deserves it. Lineaeffe really out did themselves with this budget reel, it looks great, comes with a  4:1:1 gear ratio, is ideal for spinning, includes a spare spool and it's cheap! This reel really is a near perfect budget option for sea fishing and we would definitely recommend it to those looking to stay under the £20 price bracket.

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